Review of "Raised By Angels" by Brent Raynes
Nancy is a noted psychic who gives readings, is an intuitive life coach, and a popular radio host with two programs dealing with the metaphysical. Ever since a head injury at age six, in which she briefly went out of her body, she has heard what she calls "my angel voice," a very warm, comforting, and gentle inner voice. After this is when her psychic abilities began to appear. Still at age 6, Nancy suddenly knew during a visit from her paternal grandmother that this person was going to die soon. Again her "angel voice" communicated with her and told her, "Nancy, she is going to go home, where she really wants to be, and that is a nice place. It is the way it is supposed to be." Nancy feels that from that moment on she never had a fear of death. A month later, her grandmother passed away, taking the family by complete surprise, as she had appeared to everyone else as being in good health. She found that she knew what was happening with people, though as a child she felt frustrated and unable to help, though the gentle, soothing voice would tell her that one day she would. It wasn't yet that time. "Then, as now, whenever the angel spoke to me, I felt as though I was receiving love in every cell and nerve in my body," she wrote. "Even in the hard times, when I was told not to do anything, the voice made me feel completely safe and centered, and it dried all my tears of frustration." Nancy also could see auras around people (though back then she didn't understand what that was about either) and she also could connect with and read animals.

At age 12, Nancy had her first "vision," a profound, kind of lucid daydream like state in which she perceived world events of the future, from 2010 to 2050. She saw many volcanoes erupting simultaneously, many earthquakes occurring also worldwide, as well as powerful tornadoes. She saw an image of the United States, where a number of states were gone, and in their place was water. Wars were also raging around the world and no one knew what to do or where to go for safety. Nancy found herself crying and shaking from the overwhelming vision when that familiar and warm "angel voice" communicated: "Nancy, just before 2010, people will start to go through some changes. Many people will feel the need to be in charge. You and people like you will do the best that they can, however, be aware now, and be prepared, there is a new generation of advanced children coming, and they will be there at that time, who will put this world back together if this earth and its people are to make it. Don't be afraid. You will help as much as you can, but it is really not in your hands. The human race thinks we have progressed, but in reality they have de-progressed."

Again and again, this inner guidance proved itself to be trustworthy and dependable. In fact, if back during her sophomore year of high school she hadn't suddenly had a precognitive flash and her angelic guidance while riding with her brother Donny then several people would have died in a serious car accident.

This is only a glimpse of the beginning of Nancy's incredible and fascinating life journey. Complete with many wonderful psychic and spiritual experiences, and lots of great family stories and photographs, you'll enjoy this book. In places you will laugh and in others you may cry, but you won't be sorry that you took the time to read Nancy's stories and to reflect on her life experiences and lessons and see how they may apply to your own journey through this life.


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