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Coming soon: Who are you? (Before and Now)
Do you know the real you?
Have you given away your true self?
Are you codependent with people you love?
Has your energy been drained?

Do you want to learn how to regain and rebuild your true self?
Come and learn, but accept this is a process not a magic wand for instant change.
You will learn to accept yourself, like yourself and love yourself. Your true self, not the self others think you should be. If you come away with only these few changes, you will be walking your own true life path. You will learn to decide in a healthy manner, which journeys are needed for your inner self and soul.


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Class schedule to follow.

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is a “psychic” technique that takes about one hour from beginning to end. A better word for it is remote sensing, or clar-senrience. It takes advantage of the apparent omnipresence of mind. The mind apparently can witness any event, thing or being in our universe. Once you are “bilocated,” you can instantaneously shift contact or awareness from a distant galaxy to an ancient event on earth. Bilocation means part of your awareness is at the “target object” or event. There is probably nothing that potentially can’t be remote viewed, including God.

When you have a “target contact” you can see, smell, taste, feel and hear the target. If the target involves people, you can feel their feelings and sense their thoughts. The detailed accuracy of remote viewing is sometimes staggering.
Remote viewing heightens your awareness of your subtle sense and intuitions. It teaches you to make very subtle distinctions between the real contact, your imagination, and your intellectual overlays or interpretations. Making these kind of subtle distinctions help enhance the other areas of your life. Remote viewing is an easy to learn, easily repeatable step-by-step procedure.

Auric Field Clearing

It’s a procedure that will remove the following: Occupants, which are entities that think they own your body, clusters of harmful entities dwelling in your auric field, beings corded to your light body or bleeding through from other realities, blockages in the head chakras distorting your hemispheric cohesion and information from higher dimensions, portals that allow you to take on adverse entities of other people, and the 32 light pathways of the Light Body are cleared of blockages and restructured. Clear as much in a session as a person’s Light Body can safely assimilate. All that is needed is your name and the city you live in. Your willingness and Spirit will allow the location to be found easily.