Nancy Wallace has provided readings and intuitive life coaching for many people over the years. Many of them have expressed a desire to share their experience with others. Nancy has recieved many comments and attestations, some of these are reproduced for your reading and review. If you have read Nancy’s autobiography, “Raised by Angels” and would like Nancy to publish your comments, please email it to Nancy.

The amazing experiences that Nancy so courageously shares in her book, Raised by Angels, provided me with incredible comfort and a much better understanding of psychic experiences. We all want to believe that there is someone there to guide each of us on our individual paths through life. Nancy’s story provided fascinating understanding and insight into her angel guides and her “knowing,” which most of us typically experience in our ‘gut.’ And now that I have gained more understanding, my gut says that this book is going to soar!

Laura Menze

Nancy is one of the best intuitve life coach I have ever talked with. J.P., Illinois

When I first heard what Nancy had to say to me, I thought she was totally wrong, but as the time went on, all the things she told me started to happen. She turned out to be right on. Sally M., Wisconsin

I bought Nancy’s Book, ‘Raised By Angels’, from the time I started reading it, I found that I couldn’t put it down. There is so much compassion in it and so much help, I thing everyone should read her words of wisdom. Jane, Illinois

I listen to Nancy’s inter-net radio programs all the time. Her guests are very knowledgeable about the topics and with Nancy’s knowledge, she makes sure her guests feel comfortable. Wendy H., CA

If you really want a way to find out who you are, make sure that you have a private session with Nancy. MM., Illinois

When I first started seeing Nancy, I was really lost, but through the intuitive sessions with Nancy, I have done a 360 degree turn around. I have to admit, she made me cry several times, but she stayed on a steady course with me and now I have learned how to like and love myself. It really makes a difference. Rosemary, Illinois