Let Go Letter

The Let Go Letter

This is the way to do the let go letter. This letter is done to get rid of all your hurts, pains, anger.

First you have to be all alone with NO interruptions (no phone calls, no doorbells,no pets, no children, no potty breaks, no interruptions of any kind.). Then you think back to the very first time that something hurt you, made you mad, or made you feel guilty. Once you come up with that age, you are then going to hand write yourself a letter. The letter is to you, about you and your true emotions from your heart, not your head. You see because our heads lie to us, it’s called our logic brain. They don’t mean to, but they don’t understand emotions. So whatever logic brain doesn’t understand it tries to either tuck it back inside of you or they try to make you think it never existed. That really doesn’t work The letter starts by you saying: When I was X amount of years
old(you choose the age), this is what happened to me, this is who or what did it, this is how I felt then, this is how I feel now. Which are two different feels. Because you see as a younger person we know we hurt, but as an older person we now know how much we hurt. You are able to measure it. So from that same age you are going to hand write about anything and everything that hurt you, made you mad, or made you feel guilty. Keep writing…there is no stopping once you start.

Also, nobody and I mean nobody sees this letter but you. So you can feel completely free about telling the whole truth about how you feel. And, because you are finally going to be telling the whole truth about your emotions, you will need a box of tissues. You just might cry, and if you do, it’s okay, no one will see you, no one will know. I encourage the tears. Cry all you want, but do not stop writing. You may also need some rolled-up socks to throw, because you will probably get
mad. So you can throw the socks, but again, THROW THE SOCKS, BUT DON’T STOP WRITING. You do not stop writing because this is an emotional-building letter so the more you write the better it works. You are trying to peek your emotions and stopping the write will not let you do that. This letter must be done all at one time. There is no stopping once you start.

When you have finished writing this letter from start to finish without stopping or leaving anything out, you do not read the letter right then, because you will be too tired and too emotional, so you are going to put the letter away, again where it is safe and no one will see it. Because if you think some one will see it, you either won’t do it or you won’t tell the truth. That is basic human nature.

Put the letter away where it is safe for at least four hours, but no more than eight hours. Anytime during that four to eight hours, you are going to pick the letter back up and re-read it word for word exactly the way that your heart wrote it. After you have re-read all of it, you are then going to burn it, all of it. Don’t save any of, don’t leave any of it un-burnt. The reason for the burning is because it is a release,healing, and clearing for your heart and your emotions. The reason that you are going to re-read the letter first is so that your logic brain understands why your heart has been in such pain. So don’t put this on a computer or try to type it, you can only bang on them so hard, but it doesn’t change the print. Your handwriting changes with emotions and that is what logic brain needs to see. Once logic sees this it finally allows your head and your heart to work together to break the patterns and the circles that you have been living in that you don’t like. This letter does do good things, it helps you to know who you really are, it helps you to like yourself, love your self, but the best thing it really does, is allows you to be happy from the inside out. Once you have wrote it, put it away, picked it up re-read and burn it, you will make some changes, you won’t be mean or nasty or turn into a yuk, you will be strong, stronger than you have ever been before. So the people who where use to taken advantage of you or who think they can will not like the new
you. So they will try to bring you back down to the person they want you to be. Don’t get hurt and don’t mad, just put a true smile on you face and say THANK YOU, and then just walk away. You are thanking them while they are ripping you apart, because they have given you the best compliment ever. They are telling you that they don’t like the new you because they cannot hurt you, use you or abuse you any more. And that’s worth a Thank You.

A child can do this exercise also. The difference between when a child does it vs,an adult, the child is given two envelopes. The first envelope is for when the child is finished writing the letter, the child puts the letter into one of the envelopes and seals it up, but not so good that the child has to rip it apart to get the letter out of the envelope, and then the child puts it away where they believe it to be safe and no one will see it. The child only has to put it away for two hours to four hours to read it because their attention span is much shorter than an adults. Once the child re-reads their letter word for word, the way their heart wrote it. Then the child puts it into the second envelope and this time the child seals it up anyway they want to. Then they bring it to the adult and without opening it, the adult and the child burn it together. So not only is it a healing and a clearing, but it is also a better bonding between the two of them. This letter works extremely well with children who won’t talk about their feelings openly. Also understand that if you, the parent, are having a bad day, your child will pick it up even though they may not know why they feel the way they do.

This letter is not a cure all, but is a good awakening. You still have to do your part. Good luck and may God bless you. Nancy