Positive Thoughts


The positive affirmations work best when you say them like you mean them. Saying the affirmations strongly is a must. Believing in the affirmations is also must. You must remember: It did not take you 24 hours to get to where you are at now, so it will not take you only 24 hours for these affirmations to work. However, sometimes the affirmations work immediately. Remember, whatever you create in your mind and hold it there, you will also turn that thought into reality. We are living in a mirage, an illusion, so why not create the best images?? You are creating every minute of your day. Make the best of it.

These positive affirmations are stated even though you don’t have it at that moment.
These need to be said at least once a day, but as many times as you can during the
day and as you go to sleep.

When your feet first hit the floor in the morning, say ………This IS a great day!!!

Look at yourself in the mirror, point to yourself and say……… I love me.
I love me. I LOVE ME!!

When you are worried about money, say………
What am I going to with all of the access money I now have?

When it comes to a job, say……..How great it is, I have this wonderful job,
that I really like, that is paying me the money I am worth NOW.

When it comes to a love, say…….How great it is that I am in this Happy,
Caring, Loving relationship with the right person NOW!

When it comes to your health, say……. What a healthy, happy body I NOW have.

When it comes to a friend or a relative, say…… What a healthy,
happy body <person’s name> NOW has. .

When it comes to your own intuition, say…… I trust my inner being explicitly.

When it comes to you trying to control all situations, say…….I let go and let God decide.

When it comes to being in your own way, say……I trust myself to stay out of MY way.

When it comes to things being to good to be true, say…. This maybe too good to be
true, however, I have worked for this, it’s mine, I want it, and I want it NOW!

Hopes, Dreams and Desires with work, Creates Reality, NOW.